1) Satheesh.S.S
2) Sathish Kumar .K.S
Institution Name: PSNA college of engineering and
How our idea could help people?
Our aim is used to reduce the cost of a conventional wind turbine. And also make air borne wind turbine more reliable and efficient than that of conventional wind turbine. An air borne wind turbine is a design concept for a wind turbine with a rotor supported in the air i.e., by the means of helium balloon without tower. Thus this turbine reduces the cost of tower construction. It can be shifted from one place to other. Wi-Fi in this turbine enables people to use Wi-Fi for that particular region. Not only this, the power generated, efficiency of the air borne wind turbine is higher and also the cost can be reduced compared to conventional wind turbine. Also solar stickers are placed over the surface of the balloon which is the power source for Wi-Fi transmitter and the weather sensor. Excess power is taken and also stored in order to increase to power generation.
Thus we are up with this project to generate power with low cost, renewable energy and eco-friendly which can be easily portable anywhere and any place such as natural disaster where power supply is needed immediately.
By means of our project the power generated by the turbine is high compared to conventional wind turbine (due to height independancy).People can use wi-fi under the air borne wind turbine zone.

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