R.M.K.Engineering College.

–  Automotive industry is a sector that has shown immense development and growth since its birth. Researches and studies are still done in this field to better the performance of vehicles and for increased passenger comfort . This paper deals with an innovative concept that could potentially save millions of lives. Automotive accidents have become a common phenomenon these days  . Sometimes on a bridge , due to skid or loss of concentration ,the vehicle could crash into a water body . These kind of accidents are categorized under sinking car accidents. People in these vile conditions lose their life predominantly because of door jamming that is caused by the high pressure outside the door .The pressure applied on the door handle inside , by the passenger is almost nullified because  the outside pressure is enormous .This creates a pressure differential. And consequently people lose their lives on their inability to open the doors. The proposed concept will ameliorate in the passenger safety during these circumstances. The system has a water sensor that detects any crash into water body . A signal  is sent to the controller indicating a crash .This controller disengages the seat belt of the passenger and unlocks the door by initiating the actuator that is worked by a hydraulic pump . The actuator is connected to the door in such a way that when the actuator is triggered , the door is opened outward. This outward motion of the door provides enough space for the passenger to escape out of the car and reach safety by swimming. The mechanism described is completed almost instantly and thus , this technology saves many precious seconds under water. This concept could save thousands of lives .

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