Online Security : 6 Rules

Browsing ,Chatting ,Mailing ,Downloading ..We are least concerned about online threats ! Are we ? With internet playing a major role in our day to day activities security is really an important factor that we should consider.There are several ways to get secured. There are 6 Basic Rules that everyone should keep in

Women Empowerment in IT

"Girls don't get as much opportunity to use computers," says Ariane Hegewisch, a study director for the Institute for Women's Policy Research.The tech industry’s gender problem extends out further than Silicon Valley, according to a new report that shows men outnumber women 7 to 3 in tech jobs in New

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What is the best elearning website ?    i'm using windows 7 ultimate,sometimes its shows damped crash and then it will restart,what kind of problem it is?  Already heard about "USB", Universal Serial Bus..Is there something called Universal Parallel Bus ?  What is the difference between cookie and session?  Can the

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Get Set Go !

There we go..As a part of our initiative we organised Seminar on Basics of Computer Programming - Lets Learn Programming at Chennai.Students from reputed colleges in Chennai attended the program to support our initiative.Response from students were outstanding and there was a demand for seminars with larger sessions.Enthusiasm among the