WOSAP – Women Safety App

Author : Sonam Sharma Institution : Delhi University 1st prize There are several crimes happening against women ,this led me to think something which could safeguard women safety even at a small scale. Currently the App is in development stage for my final year project. Violence against women includes rape, sexual assault, insult to

Winners !!!

There were 100+ Applications from students of different colleges in India.It was a tough challenge to select the best entries.The idea behind such a competition is that you could take some time to think about your society and sort out different issues they face. Student ideas revolved around "pollution" issues.There were


Author : Mahesh P Institution : JNTU 2nd prize entry   Don’t go with name its not a tea-pot ,its  : Toiltet Pot Human waste is considered a biowaste as it is a good vector for both viral and bacterial diseases. It can be a serious health hazard if it gets into sources of

EWA – E – waste Management App

Author : Rahul Kumar Institution : CUSAT 3rd Prize Entry Wikipedia : Electronic waste or e-waste describes discarded electrical or electronic devices. Used electronics which are destined for reuse, resale, salvage, recycling or disposal are also considered as e-waste.   Did you know ? 20 to 50 million metric tons of e-waste are disposed worldwide

AUTOMATIC GAS BOOKING With Alarm System when Leakage is detected.

T.J.PRIYADHARSHENE V.RAMANATHAN VELTECH MULTITECH Dr.RR & Dr.SR COLLEGE OF ENGINERRING ABSTRACT: By measuring the weight of the gas cylinder we can check when it’s FULL and when it’s going to get EMPTY. Using this method not just the measurement of full and empty cylinder can be detected; but also during HIGH LEAKAGE it can

Modern Public Transport System

Name:K.S.Athish Institution Name:Kumaraguru College of Technology How my idea could help people? First it is important to explain what my idea is. It is known that more than 90% of people in India use public transport for travelling. My idea is to make it (Bus transport) more reliable, safer and easily accessible so


Siddharthan.S.G., R.M.K.Engineering College. -  Automotive industry is a sector that has shown immense development and growth since its birth. Researches and studies are still done in this field to better the performance of vehicles and for increased passenger comfort . This paper deals with an innovative concept that could potentially save millions


IKRAM SHAH V AMRITA SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING, COIMBATORE UNEMPLOYMENT OF YOUTHS REASON: The main Reason for the unemployment in India is not because of the less availability of jobs or more availability of graduates. REQUIREMENT: Every company needs a SKILLED Labor. WHAT CAN BE DONE? Let me first take Engineering, Every company whether it is IT


Name: Mownathi.M College: Karpagam College Of Engineering COMPLETE DESCRIPTION: “Twitter 4 Cops” is a Big data analytics tool which analyzes public tweets from a specific region/city. India is a huge country with a diverse population. Analyzing any kind of data or taking a survey is a daunting task. Everyone knows how the Sensex


Name: N N K SAI KISHAN Institution Name: CHAITANYA ENGINEERING COLLEGE, VISAKHAPATNAM The vehicle seeks to address the two main challenges with water in the developing world: sanitation and transportation. Water-related diseases kill thousands of people each day. Moreover, water sources in developing areas can be miles from home, requiring women to