Gas Absorber

Author : Ananya Mandal
College name: University School of Chemical Technology

As we all know air pollution is one of the most concerning issue now a days. The gases that are emitted while cooking such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen etc . also contributes to be pollutants. That’s why an idea came in my mind that why not we try to consume all the unwanted and unhealthy gases that are ejected from the kitchen chimneys, specially in the rural areas where cooking is still done by burning coal and wood.

I thought about a gas absorber which will absorb the unwanted and unreacted gases and we can extract those gases back by desorption and use it as source of energy.

Now for this we have to install new gadgets after a certain period of time as when the capacity of the absorber will be saturated then we have to change it. So for making this process more economical and profitable for the the middle class population.I thought about using the concept of scrap dealing like we can pay some amount in exchange of the gadget. In this way people will be more interested to use it

It is well known that cuprous chloride, when dissolved in a suitable solvent is an agent for the absorption of carbon monoxide, so can use it or some other suitable absorber which will be able to absorb all gases that are emited. The absorber should be in a gel form and fitted in a container which will be attached to the exhaust of kitchens. A meter is to be attached to it which will indicate when saturation will take place. The container should also be recycled back, in this way we only need to set up a process which help in desorption and conversion of those molecules into energy source.

How your idea can help people?

Pollution is causing many deadly and incurable disorders, so to control this we need to take care of air without which we cannot live, so why not we start this from our own house. The way govt is taking steps for a clean India then we should also think about a clean environment. That’s why I thought that we cant reduce the air pollution but atleast we can control it to a certain extent.

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