Hacking-for all

EnggForum is back with its next event at Chennai after Lets Learn Programming – Event


Thank you all for making it happen !

Revert your suggestions & queries to : hacking4all@EnggForum.com , 08870890518

Note : Shortlisted students should acknowledge confirmation mail before 16th October 2015 to get selected into workshop.Check your mail for shortlisted mail.

Materials athttp://eCourses.EnggForum.com/

Why Learn Hacking ?

Learning how to hack helps information security professionals implement the strongest possible security practices. It’s as much about finding and fixing security vulnerabilities as it is anticipating them. As you learn more about the methods hackers use to infiltrate systems, you’ll be able to preemptively resolve issues; if you don’t understand how black hat hackers could get in to your systems, you’re going to have a hard time securing them.

Hacking is for every department and not specifically to Computer Science Streams ,right ? 🙂

A workshop you should not miss !

Topics Included in Workshop :

• Cyber Crimes – Case Study • Find Hackers VS Crackers • What is Encryption • AES 256-BIT Encryption • Internet Protocol Address  • Finding Internet Protocol • Anatomy of an IP Address • Internal IP Addresses • External IP Addresses • IP Information Gathering • Antifingerprinting System • Backtrack – Monitoring • Bash Shellshock Scan• Converting IP Addresses • Cracking Passwords • Create a Fake Login Screen • Cross Site Scripting • SQL Injection Techniques • Domain Name Server Tools • Domain Name Server Zone Transfer • About – Email Spoofing • Explaining Excel Attacks • Explaining File Attacks • Explaining ZIP File Attacks • What are Subdomains? • Finding VHosts • Vulnerable Web Pages • Full Screen Phishing Attack • GET Method, POST Method • GHOST WordPress Scan•Google Hacking (Dork) • Hiding your IPAddress • Hiding your Location • Honeypots Explained • HTTP Data Sniffing: • HTTP Referrer Spoofing, • HTTP Request Attacks, • HTTP Tunnelling • Internet Control Message ProtocolPing • Infrastructure Testing • Local Area Network Surveying • MD5 Hash Function • Network Address Translation • PDF File Attacks • Network Ping Sweep • Port Scanning • Proxy Servers • Query String Tampering• Session Hijacking • SSL Heartbleed Scan • SSL POODLE Scan • TCP Port Scan • UDP Port Scan • Unblocking Blocked Content and Websites • URL Fuzzer • URL Shortening Attacks • VPN Networks • Web Application Testing• Web Server Scan • Website Mirroring • Whois Lookup • Look out Beware Apps


And More …
Practical Explanations & Implementations

Who can attend ?
No problem if you are a beginner
Open to All Departments

Number of Seats ?
30 Due to great response from students #seats increased to 50 !   70
Shortlisted Students will be invited on or before : 14th October 2015



What about timings/date ?
09.30 A.M to 4.00 PM  ,18th October 2015.

You get : Lunch <> Learning Kits <> Certificates
EnggForum promotes free education,then why does it charge fee?
Get to know at workshop.

Students from following Colleges have already registered :

  1. KL University 
  2. Paavai Engineering College
  3. Sri Sairam Institutions
  4. SRM University
  5. Meenakshi College of Engg
  6. St Joseph’s college of engineering
  7. apollo priyadarshanam institute of technology
  8. alpha college of engineering and technology
  9. IIT Madras
  10. Valliammai Engineering College
  11. IFET college of engineering
  12. npr college of engg tech
  14. Hindusthan Institute Of Technology
  15. st’peters engineering college
  16. Sri Manakula Vinayagar Engineering College
  17. sri ram engineering college
  18. Sri Venkateswara Institute Of Technology
  19. Kongu Engineering College
  20. velammal engineering college
  21. PRIST university
  23. Tulsiramji Gaikwad Patil College of Engineering and Technology
  24. R.M.K Engineering college
  25. m.kumarasamy college of engineering
  26. Sri Krishnadevaraya University College of Engineering And Technology
  27. DR.M.G.R university
  28. Bannari Amman Institute of Technology
  30. University college of engineering,Ariyalur
  31. srm polytechnic college
  32. Indra Ganesan College of Engineering
  33. DG Vaishnav college
  34. MEPCO Schlenk Engineering College
  35. panimalar engineering college
  36. Sadakathullah Appa College
  37. Sri Muthukumaran Institute of Technology
  38. Misrimal Navajee Munoth Jain Engineering College
  39. saveetha university
  40. Vel Tech Dr.RR & Dr.SR Technical University
  41. Madanapalle Institute of Technology and Science
  42. Apollo arts and science college
  43. Guru Nanak college
  44. Periyar Maniammai University
  45. Shri krishnaa college of engineering and technology
  46. vel tech polytechnic
  49. SNS college of engineering
  50. jabalpur engineering college
  51. PBR Visvodaya Institute of Technology & Science
  52. srr engineering college
  53. alagappa chettiar college of engg & tech
  54. Salem sowdeswari college

Departments Registered:

  1. Electronics and communication engineering
  2. Information Technology
  3. Computer Science Engineering
  4. Chemical Engineering
  5. Telecommunications
  6. EEE
  7. Civil Engineering
  8. information security and cyber forensic
  9. Bachelor of Commerce
  10. Aeronautical
  11. Bsc.visual communication
  12. B.sc computer science
  13. MCA
  14. MSc
  16. BCA


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