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No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.

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A great news : Students from every stream are participating and rushing their entries !Woww

Ideas for Better Society ? Do you have an idea that could help people around you ?

Apps Softwares Hardwares Journals Papers Projects ….!!

Ideas should have an impact on Society Yes !,Top 3 ideas will be rewarded !

Rush in your ideas to idyeah[at]kompyooter[.]com Before : 27th September 2015

Format of the doc to be sent :

  1. Name of the Student
  2. Department
  3. Year of Study
  4. Institution Name
  5. State
  6. Contact Number
  7. Idea title
  8. How your idea could help people?
  9. Prototype , diagram or dataflow
  10. References if any

How your idea will be judged : 1.Applicability of the concept 2.Your idea should be new !
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Innovations by students ! Have ideas for society ?

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Is  idyeah a  team  event ?

This  was a  question from  Sandhya..
Eventhough you  can  submit it as team  event.We would  mark +1  for ideas from one  brain. 🙂

And there is no strict format like IEEE or others to be followed.You can follow any standard format or just document well so that we can understand what you are trying to convey .The only thing is we should get an idea about your idyeahhh 🙂

Rahul Reddy,sindhu,Aruna,Priyanka….and more enthusiastic students have submitted theirs ..Whats your idyeahh?

Note : Kindly mail your ideas rather posting as comments 🙂


20 thoughts on “IdYeah !!

  1. 1Prashanth
    7.Study and knowledge to engineering making on biggest online fest and fest details
    8.Make easy to know about practical knowledge so that they can implemente more ideas to socity

  2. Priyanka Mishra : MBICT college (madhuben and bhanubahi institute of computer and communication technology) about her quadroid !..Wow

  3. 1 T.sathish
    2 mechanical
    3 second year
    4 v.s.b enginnering college
    5 karur
    6 phon num
    7 education to poverty people&correption
    8 every students in villages must have good education so the correption will reduce

  4. Name of the Student : Chaitanya kulkarni
    Department : E&TC
    Year of Study : Third Year
    Institution Name : VPCOE
    State : Maharashtra
    Contact Number : (hidden)
    Idea title : Flexible smartphones and much more
    How your idea could help people?
    It will bring change in people over the world and India will be country to initiate it.
    Prototype , diagram or dataflow
    References if any

  5. Name of the Student : Sandesh S S
    Department : Instrumentation and Technology
    Year of Study : Fourth Year
    Institution Name : Bapuji Institute of Engineering and Technology, Davangere.
    State : Karnataka
    Contact Number : ( Hidden )
    Idea title : Bio Battery
    How your idea could help people?
    Bio Battery is eco friendly, non toxic and safe. With the use of this battery by concerned people in India, socially and economically it plays a important role in modernization of the country and reduces air pollution.
    Prototype , diagram or dataflow :
    References if any : Head of Department, IT, BIET.

  6. will you plea mention how our idea should be given i.e, in the format.
    1 how many pages
    2.Is it to be in ieee format
    3.give your contact number

  7. Name of student : SHARUN J
    Year of study : 2nd YEAR
    Institution name : REVA UNIVERSITY
    State : KARNATAKA
    Contact number : (hidden)
    Idea title : Farmers, papers and children
    How your idea will help people :
    As we know plenty of wastes are obtained in crops cultivation. These wastes may be weeds, dry leaves or even crops which not of standard quality. Now my idea is all about how to use these wastes efficiently which can be helpful for the farmers.
    And yes many paper manufacturing industries uses 2% of wastes like bagasu etc but these industries are concentrated on acquiring fine type of papers so many wastes are excluded for their commercial purpose and paper sold are of high pricing.
    Here, my idea is all about using these wastes for useful purposes. The below explained is the procedure of preparing paper from dry leaves
    I thank this event for granting me a chance for exposing my idea.
    Thanking you whole heartedly

  8. This is very good contest many students are participated but u r taking best 3 please for encouraging give certificate to remaining students…………

    1. We assume that you are going to say that participation certificates for all participated.But dear Vignesh there were large number of entries which lacked content so it was not a good option for all to provide certificates.But for sure we would look into that in future contest.Thank you for your valuable suggestions 🙂

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