Modern Public Transport System

Institution Name:Kumaraguru College of Technology

How my idea could help people?
First it is important to explain what my idea is. It is known that more than 90% of people in India use public transport for travelling. My idea is to make it (Bus transport) more reliable, safer and easily accessible so that people using it gets benefited. This can be done by displaying the details of the bus at the bus stop as well as inside the bus.

What are the details?
The details displayed in the bus stop are: Number of passengers inside the bus, Location of the bus and Time taken for the bus to reach that bus stop.
The details displayed inside the bus are: Number of passengers inside the bus and Location of the bus.

What is the use of displaying these details?
If the number of passengers inside the bus are displayed at the bus stop, person waiting at the bus stop can know in advance whether he could have a seat or not, when the bus arrive at the bus stop. The passengers inside the bus can be known by countingthe number of people stepping in and stepping out of the bus.  This can be done using a face detection camera. The reason for displaying the location and the time taken is to know how long the bus will take to reach that bus stop. If these details are known the person at the bus stop need not waste their precious time at the bus stop(especially old people and handicaps those who couldn’t wait at bus stop for long time). They can opt for another route or they can go by taxi or auto rickshaw if it is very urgent.
As I said already the Number of passengers inside the bus and Location of the bus are displayed inside the bus also. This will be very much useful for the bus conductor as well as the passengers in the bus. We know that the bus conductor will be counting the number of passengers inside the bus to check whether everyone had got their tickets. This will be made easy if we implement this idea. Then the purpose of displaying the location of the bus inside the bus is particularly for people who are new to that city (Especially for tourists). Note: Tourism would also be increased by this idea. They know where should they go but they would not know at which bus stop they should step down from the bus. They will be often asking the bus conductor whether they had reached that place or not. My idea could solve this problem also.
Purpose of this idea
•    The main aim of this idea is to help poor and middle class people who as a whole depend on public (bus) transport for transportation.
•    The second thing is to utilize the transportation facility which is available. What I actually mean is, Consider we are waiting for a bus. If a fully crowded bus arrives at your bus stop you must rush into it, if it is that much urgent. But within few minutes an almost empty bus (with only a less number of passengers) will arrive at the same bus stop and you will not be there to utilize that.
•    There are two cases: One is fully crowded bus and otheris an almost empty bus (i.e) the bus with less number of passengers. In both cases there is fuel wastage.As we seen above a more crowded bus consume more fuel because of more loads and the next case, it is waste of running a bus with less number of passengers (i.e the bus is designed for carrying 56 people (approximate) but it carries less than that, so it is almosta waste of fuel). This idea helps in avoiding such problems by displaying all the information at the bus stop. So the person waiting at the bus stop can opt for less crowded bus. Due to this fuel consumption can be considerably decreased.
•    If we implement this idea in public transport system, the number of passengers using public transportation increases thereby, increasing the income to the government.
•    More crowd in the bus leads to accidents particularly in India, this idea reduce crowd in busses as explained above, so that decreases the death rate due to accidents.

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