Online Security : 6 Rules

Browsing ,Chatting ,Mailing ,Downloading ..We are least concerned about online threats !

Are we ?

With internet playing a major role in our day to day activities security is really an important factor that we should consider.There are several ways to get secured.

There are 6 Basic Rules that everyone should keep in mind while online:

1. Browsing from other networks (Browsing Centers / Internet Cafe etc)?

Whenever you access internet from other networks outside your home network always keep in mind to open your web browsers in private or incognito mode.


Why incognito mode / private browsing ?

Internet history is not stored in your web browser if you browse in private / incognito mode.So there is less chance of personal data / passwords getting saved in computer.


2.Buying Online ?

Online Shopping has set new records.Number of online consumers is increasing day by day.At the same time number of online-shopping sites are also getting more in number.

Is our transactions safe ?

Always you must check for https on online shopping sites,because https uses SSL to secure your session.


3.Unknown Emails ?

Emails reporting you have won 500000000$ from Banks! There is no chance for such offers from any reputed banks in the country.

You should never reply them and you should mark those mails as Spam.

4.Personal Information ?

Never share any personal information with unknown persons.
Home address, Home Layouts , Vacations etc.Burglars are watching you !


5.Use antivirus

May be you are offline or online , Anti-Virus is a must to install in your smartphone or computers.They can help you block malicious softwares / Apps / Websites.



Report any fraud or cyber abuses to your nearby Cyber Investigation Department.

They are at your rescue.


Be Safe ! Surf Safe !!


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