Swachch Bin

Name of the Student- VISHWAS JAIN
College Name- Krishna Institute of Engineering & Technology, (KIET)  Ghaziabad

The Idea and its precedential impact:
As the Clean India Campaign goes through under the meticulous leadership of Mr. Prime Minister, the people of India have apparently adapted to the concept. The entrenched mentality in the people of India is unsurprisingly changing. People have now ceased to litter and have rather started throwing the garbage in the fixed municipality dustbins. But a larger responsibility of the leading authorities is not yet tangible. This paves the encrypted origin of my idea. My idea is to replace all the municipal dustbins with the Swachch Bins. The task of people does not change. On the contrary, the task and tediousness of the government authorities is all set to decrease once this idea is executed.

What is a Swachch Bin?
This is a kind of a dustbin, which has an added feature which can be tagged technology friendly. It is equipped with the simple yet very special type of sensors called as Capacitive Sensors. Capacitive sensors use the electrical property of “capacitance” to make measurements. Changes in the distance between the surfaces changes the capacitance. It is this change of capacitance that capacitive sensors use to indicate changes in position of a target. Different matter has different dielectric constant. So, long story short, the dustbins will be capable of sensing the dielectric constants of the matter being dumped and will further process to store the waste in its pre-defined container. The segregation is thus done by itself, next step being the recycling part!

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