Name: Mownathi.M
College: Karpagam College Of Engineering

“Twitter 4 Cops” is a Big data analytics tool which analyzes public tweets from a specific region/city. India is a huge country with a diverse population. Analyzing any kind of data or taking a survey is a daunting task. Everyone knows how the Sensex process is carried out. The amount of planning, time and money which goes into the process is immense. In today’s computerized world, social media has become a vital part of everyday life. Therefore there is a big scope to use social media and extract a lot of hidden information.
In short, the overall idea aims to read public tweets from twitter and analyze it in such a way that it can be used as reports for the cops of India. Our main areas of concerns are Public events, Sensational news/stories and Crime. We can read tweets regarding these three main topics and harvest them into a huge database (like couchdb) maintained in the amazon cloud. Then we can perform big data analysis using python + couchdb to extract meaningful information.

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