REASON: The main Reason for the unemployment in India is not because of the less availability of jobs or more availability of graduates.
REQUIREMENT: Every company needs a SKILLED Labor.
Let me first take Engineering, Every company whether it is IT Company or MNC expects their staff to be more skilled than more educated or more trained.
In India most of the students are trained for ROTE MEMORY rather than OUTCOME BASED EDUCATION, from childhood. So first, from kindergarten the Kids are to be trained for thinking rather than mugging and writing.
In schooling students need to be given importance for their INTEREST OF FIELD. In India even though there are many fields apart from Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Biology or Commerce. Like Music, Arts, Physical Education, Information Technology offered by CBSE. But sadly, only less institute coming up to offer these courses. In India, there are around 1300 Kendriya Vidyalaya’s and around 700 Navodya Vidyalaya’s (Central Govt. Schools), even they are not coming up to offer these type of courses. The problem is not with Government or Planning Committee, it is with Parents.
The Parents are stereotyped in a way, if their son is in Engineering he would get 50k salary per month and if he is arts he will get 10k per month. A kind knowledge has to be insisted on parent that, not to force their child to take up any course. For Example, if a student is interested in music wanted to become Musician, but their parents are forcing him to become Engineer and somehow making him as an Engineer, Finally Engineering kills his Music and He kills others by becoming a BAD ENGINEER, sadly this happens frequently in India. The parents are needed to be given COUNCELLING about, the prime factor of living, need of education, Education for Livelihood, Limits for the freedom given to the child, To focus on sports…
Peer Pressure not only includes Bad Habit, but also the pressure on studies and the comparison made with other students based on the performance.
Real life APPLICATION BASED SUBJECTS need to be taught in the classes, rather than mere known existing facts which can be GOOGLED BY ANYONE. Many colleges in India are following the syllabus and pattern followed some 8-10 years back. All these SYLLABUS NEED TO BE UPDATED every year, at least once in 3 years, so that students can be in trend with the existing syllabus.
Standard of engineering colleges need to maintain. Indian has maximum number of Engineering colleges compared to other Commonwealth countries. Every year many engineering graduates are out, sadly around 30% of them get jobs of their interest, others are going into other field. Each and Every Engineering college must be CHECKED and CERTIFIED once in 3 years, so that Standard of the colleges are maintained.  Government must allow MORE STANDARD DEEMED UNIVERSITY, so that country’s RESEARCH TARGET could be reached.
In schools marks based system must be removed and CHOICE BASED CREDIT SYSTEM are to be introduced in the way, where subject of their choice must be provided. Faculties are to be trained in such a way for interactive session, friendly approach with students, subject must be posted on students with PRACTICAL IMPLEMENTATION.

–> Outcome based education must be introduced in Indian Schools.
–> Counseling must be given to Parents reg. students field of interest and level of freedom to be given.
–>  Real Life application based subject syllabi must be designed and also to be updated in proper intervals.
–> More standard Deemed Universities must brought in India.
–> Conducting Exams online in schools.
–>Introduction of FOSEA-
-) Free Education sources must be developed for school students

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